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Barcalounger Furniture

Barcalounger® has been a sector leader because creating its first recliners in the 1940's. Consistently recognized for excellent quality, extravagant convenience and innovative design, the Barcalounger® brand name has actually come to be a household name when referring to reclining chairs.

Our success at changing with the times while remaining true to the core features that we developed, has proven to be our best strength. Today's Barcalounger® is not your Father's (or Grandpa's) reclining chair ...

Building upon our heritage and credibility of haute couture and technology, today's recliner chairs agree with every lifestyle from conventional "marshmallow" recliners to smooth contemporary designs and sophisticated vintage looks.

We concentrate on haute couture that fit every decor and look at producing smooth forms and contours that are as reassuring to the eye as they are to reclining poses.

Certain interest is paid to specifics, whether it's the ornamental sewing or perfect pitch, our focus is equilibrium-- excellent "top-side" appearance, exceptional "bottom-side" comfort !!!

Our dedication to tomorrow is deliberate, past repeating itself. If you are intending to include a recliner to your way of living ... look no further, we've obtained just what you need.

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