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RowOne by Jasper Cabinet Furniture

Our initial workers in 1904 might not have fantasized they would one day be crafting home movie theater furnishings and decoration, but they definitely were familiar with development. Over ONE HUNDRED years ago, Jasper Cabinet Furniture, recognized then as Schaaf & Schnaus, rose to nationwide prominence with the superior manufacture of great American furniture.

Through the decades, Jasper Cabinet Company developed into one of the leading furniture manufacturing plants in the country due to its impressive and customized strategy to accent furniture design. Jasper introduced a number of surfaces and designer colors to the market as well as created the first successful glass for mass manufacturing.

The company's outstanding journey continues today with brand-new advancements for home movie theater accent decor. From columns and credenzas, to home entertainment centers,  Jasper Cabinet Business is once more blazing a trail with fashionable developments that are like nothing else.

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