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Washable Wonders Collection

The Washable Wonders Slipcover collection is the most recent and most interesting introduction to the Miles Talbott line. With amazing new styles and a wide fabric variety, the slipcover choices are virtually limitless! Not to mention, one of the most stimulating part of this collection is the ability to wash these slipcovers in the comfort of your home!

Now your family members can really enjoy your furnishings without concern. Our pre-washed handle of textiles allows you to have trendy options without the worry of kids or pets spoiling and harming the furniture. All these materials have been examined to delay to the severities of everyday life. All the joints on these slipcovers are double-stitched and over-locked to ensure they will certainly maintain their stability in the cleaning machine. Aside from all of the unique advantages of our slipcovers, you have actually the added assurance that each of these frameworks has the luxury construction that you can expect from Miles Talbott - we're not cutting any kind of edges!

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